web design company in gujarat
web design company in gujaratweb design company in gujaratweb design company in gujarat web design company in gujarat
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On Page Optimization ...

On-page optimization consists of optimization of website content, meta-tags, keyword density, link structure etc. We will tweak your website code & content to ensure "search engine friendliness" of your website. As part of on page optimization, we take care of the following:

Keyword Research ::
We undertake extensive keyword research for your website to list out the most important & relevant keywords and key-phrases for your website.These keywords will form a solid base for your SEO campaign.

Content Review & Optimization ::
We will review the content of your website & suggest suitable changes. These changes include sprinkling of essential keywords in your web pages so that it improves search engine rankings. Alongside, we also make sure that the content in engaging and interesting for the visitors.

Competitor Analysis ::
Our SEO experts will research the online marketplace for your website. We will scan a large number of the websites in your competition in order to analyze the reasons for success by using various optimization techniques. This helps in formulating success strategies that will get your website to top rankings.

Meta Tags Optimization ::
We optimize the Title, Keywords, Description, & other Meta tags in such a way that they re-enforce the main keywords and key-phrases of your website without spamming search engines.

URL Optimization ::
We optimize all the URLs of the pages so that they include appropriate keywords based on relevance. This process also involves modification of files names and query string parameters to achieve the desired results.

Image Optimization ::
This involved optimizing the Alt Tags of the images in a way so that they also help in the process of optimization.

Site Navigation ::
Structuring and internal linking of the website is one of the most important on page factors for SEO and we take this step very seriously. The navigation structure should be eye-catching and at the same time should includes keyword rich links to most important pages of the site. Apart from the above mentioned elements of the website, we also optimize for some other minor onpage factors too.

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